How? Section 8 application and help to apply.

How can I fill out a Section 8 application online?

There's really no trick to find a Section 8 application online or at your local housing authority. An application can only be obtained and completed when applications are being accepted. The process can be leangthy indeed as some applicants can be on a Section 8 waiting list for several years.

How long is the waiting list for Section 8?

The length of each Section 8 waiting list will vary for each housing authority in the country. Understand that one can be on several different waiting lists at once. It will increase an applicants over all chances of being contacted after completing a Section 8 application online.

Find information about open waiting lists around the country for the following states with your Onlien Packet:


Common Questions and reviews:

Why does your website states in red lettering, "Applications are now being accepted until June 20, 2014". What is the implied urgency if your clients are buying an Online Packet? Why do they have to apply?

The Section 8 Consolidation Program is a small assistance grant program that has weekly grant periods. That is what they are applying for initially. This was invented by and is unique only to The Section 8 Consolidation program awards small stimulus checks, or grants to a few applicants each week. These checks range from 50 to 200 dollars and are given at our discretion to those that are deemed to be most in need according to their essays. The program is simply funded by the proceeds of the Online Packet. It is stated that the Section 8 Consolidation Program has no government affiliation on each page of our website, including the Apply Now page that one must view before purchasing the Online Packet. Please view the link to our homepage and note the disclaimer in the left hand column as it pertains to the Section 8 Consolidation Program. We clearly state the following in bold lettering, "The Section 8 Consolidation Program is a privately funded grant program for low income families or individuals. The Section 8 Consolidation Program is not affiliated with HUD or your local Housing Authority."

The Section 8 Consolidation Program is registered with the Missouri Secretary of State and is in good standing. Type "Section 8 Consolidation Program" into the search box on the Missouri Secretary of State's official website.

The initial mission was to create a small assistance program that one could apply for online and receive enough to pay a bill or two. ironically, this program can exist because we are not a charity. Since we are a business, and because these checks are a business expense, they are tax refundable. Both parties are compensated, and those in need. Recipients and contact information of some of the recipients of these small assistance checks can be provided upon request. The vehicle from which this program was launched is called the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet because we have combined, or "consolidated" so many low income resources and search tools into our Online Packet. The Online Packet is sold for a one time fee of 15 dollars and is updated with new listings and information daily. Members are able to take advantage of this from now on at no additional cost.

Why does your website state that it provides, "low income grants and affordable housing opportunities" and yet you have indicated that you do not provide housing personally?

As stated in the link below from our site and news release, these opportunities come in the form of listings in our Online Packet. The operative word being, "opportunities". We have a housing list blog where landlords upload their listings with photos. Tenants also leave their contact information. This is a useful tool that helps landlords to find tenants and vice versa. Please read the first paragraph on our homepage. This information is reiterated throughout We also make it clear that an section 8 housing application is free when they are being accepted. We have simply invented an online resource that helps one to find these open waiting list throughout the country.

What your rights are once you are in the Section 8 program If you get into public housing or multifamily subsidized housing, or if you get a voucher after filling out a section 8 application, you have different rights concerning evictions, grievances, tenant participation, and many other issues. To get information about your rights once you are in a program, go to: Public Housing. Your family size changes In all housing programs, you should promptly report if there are changes in your family size. If someone has left your household, the housing authority or owner may request verification of their new address. If a minor child is added to the household due to birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody, advance approval of the addition is not needed before the child moves in. In all other cases, you will need to get advance approval before a new family member moves in. In addition, the housing authority or owner may screen additions to the household for criminal history and (in most of the federal programs) for immigration status. In public housing or multifamily housing, if your family size changes, you may be able to transfer to another public housing or subsidized apartment of a more appropriate size. These transfers often take a long time to happen. These things will be asked on your section 8 application when you apply. In state low income housing, if you are in too large an apartment for your family size (you are "over-housed") and you don't transfer into a smaller sized unit offered by the housing authority, your rent can be increased to 150% of its usual level. With a voucher, if your family size changes, the subsidy with the voucher changes by the date that your annual recertification for your income and family composition is effective. This is so that you can find an apartment that is a better match to your household size. This means, however, that in addition to adjusting with an increase in family size, if there is a reduction in your household size, the subsidy is reduced at the time of your annual recertification, so you would have to pay a greater portion of your rent or move. You can ask the housing agency to let you have a different "subsidy standard" (bedroom size for the subsidy) than it would normally apply due to your family's medical needs or other special circumstances. Evictions and loss of subsidy The only reason you can be evicted from public housing or any multifamily housing is if you violate the lease or program rules. As long as you abide by the terms of the lease, you can stay in your apartment. If you are evicted from public housing or subsidized multifamily housing, you lose your subsidy.

When a Section 8 landlord terminates a lease, or refuses to renew subsidy, the housing agency should continue to pay its portion of the rent until the eviction process is completed (including any appeal of an eviction case or any stay of execution) or until you move. There may be cases, however, where the housing agency stops paying its subsidy or terminates its contract with the owner because the owner has failed to make repairs. Finding a new tenant may take time as some can be on a waiting list for years after completing a section 8 application You are not responsible for the housing authority's share of the rent if this happens. However, the housing agency may require you to relocate with your voucher in order to continue receiving assistance. If you are being evicted for a reason that is your fault, the HUD housing authority may refuse to issue you a voucher to relocate if it thinks there are grounds to terminate your assistance. This may happen because the landlord is claiming that you violated your lease. If this happens, contact a local legal services program or community action agency to see if they can help you.

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