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How can I fill out a Section 8 application and get rent assistance in Raleigh, North Carolina?

When a tenant wants to get help with their rent, one possible solution is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. HUD is a government agency that allocates funds to housing authorities nationwide which in turn run various rental assistance programs. The Raleigh, North Carolina housing authority determines whom can apply for Section 8 within their jurisdiction. Housing authorities have preferences. One example of a preference in this context would be that they may require all applicants to be elderly or live in their city to apply for Section 8. The process can be lengthy indeed as some applicants can be on a Section 8 waiting list for several years. The application process however, is always free.

How can I get help with my rent in Raleigh, North Carolina?

Generally, there is the Section 8 application for the voucher program. Public Housing is another rental assistance program but only allows the applicant to live in a housing complex that is owned by the housing authority. The Section 8 program allows the applicant to choose their own independent landlord.

Who is eligible to apply for Section 8 in Raleigh, North Carolina and get help with their rent?

Section 8 is a program designed to help lower-income individuals afford housing. Therefore, to qualify for a housing choice voucher, a familys yearly income must be below a certain level. Each year, HUD sets income limits. These income requirements are calculated based on an areas median income level. Numbers are calculated for extremely low income, very low income and low income. Extremely Low Income- 30 percent of the areas median income level. Very Low Income- 50 percent of the areas median income level. Low Income- 80 percent of the areas median income level.

The income limits to qualify for those who want to apply for Section 8 rental assistance in Raleigh, North Carolina will differ based on the number of people in the family. Income limits are created for families containing anywhere from one individual to families containing eight individuals. Extremely low-income for a family of one may be $15,000 a year, but for a family of eight, an extremely low-income level may be $30,000 a year. HUD grants priority for Section 8 vouchers to those who would be classified as extremely low-income levels and then to those with very low-income. There are certain circumstances which would allow a family with a low-income status to be granted a Section 8 voucher. The PHA would usually make this decision, but reasons could include those who are classified as continuously assisted by public housing programs or those who are in HUD-assisted home ownership programs.

When determining the yearly income of a family and whether they are eligible for Section 8, many factors are taken into consideration. All sources of income are included when calculating a familys income.

How can I find a Section 8 Landlord?

A Section 8 landlord is just someone that has had the inspections from the housing authority. Basically, anyone with a rental property could potentially become a Section 8 landlord.

In all housing programs, you should promptly report if there are changes in your family size. If someone has left your household, the housing authority or owner may request verification of their new address. If a minor child is added to the household due to birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody, advance approval of the addition is not needed before the child moves in. In all other cases, you will need to get advance approval before a new family member moves in. In addition, the housing authority or owner may screen additions to the household for criminal history and (in most of the federal programs) for immigration status. When a Section 8 landlord terminates a lease, or refuses to renew subsidy, the housing agency should continue to pay its portion of the rent until the eviction process is completed (including any appeal of an eviction case or any stay of execution) or until you move. There may be cases, however, where the housing agency stops paying its subsidy or terminates its contract with the owner because the owner has failed to make repairs. Finding a new tenant may take time as some can be on a waiting list for years after completing a Section 8 application online you are not responsible for the housing authoritys share of the rent if this happens. However, the housing agency may require you to relocate with your voucher in order to continue receiving assistance.

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      924 3rd Avenue
      Reidsville, North Carolina 27320

      Choanoke Area Development Association, Inc.
      Post Office Box 530
      Rich Square North, Carolina 27869

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